Our atelier, founded in 1994  with the intention of garden art ceramics production, was originally a glazed dishes workshop. Today we can manage the whole ceramics production process, acquiring and fabrication of clay, forming and decorating according by traditional method, and creation of our own
Our collection is inspired by the colours and patterns of Provence, which is certainly a result of the 30 years we have spent there. Thanks to the light colour of the clay (terra-cotta) and to its various forms, you can, in our ceramics intended for both gardens and interiors, discover a pattern that will match your decorating design of the surroundings you are creating in an excellent way. Although our atelier is focused on art, we are able to create even a very specific pattern (dimensions, decor, design) in larger sets.
Our articles are manually made according to tradition of pottery art.

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KERAVAZY .s.r.o 
Dolecká    981
551 01       JAROMĚŘ
                            (Czech Republic)
Tel:             +420 491  81 69 83
Mob:         +420 603 48 38 78
Mob:         +420 603 25 50 27
E-mail :    info@keravazy.com
Web:          www.keravazy.com
JAROMĚŘ is situated 120 km north-east of Prague.
Region Hradec Králové (HK).
JAROMĚŘ se nachází 120 km severovýchodně od Prahy.
Nedaleko mìsta Hradce Králové  (HK).
JAROMĚŘ est situé à 120 km au nord-est de Prague dans la région de Hradec  Králové  (HK).
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